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Ductless System Installation Flossmoor

Ductless System Installation Flossmoor

If your home doesn’t have a traditional air or heating system because of a lack of ducts, you have options. You can install a ductless cooling or heating system to regulate temperature in specific rooms. Van Drunen has over 50 years of experience to guide us as we help clients discover how to make their homes more comfortable. We provide the information you need to know about ductless system installation. Flossmoor homeowners can turn to us for dependable HVAC services. 

What is a Ductless System, and What Are the Benefits?

Ductless systems are energy-efficient and portable, which allows for freedom when choosing where you’d like to add one. They are attached to the wall and disperse cooled or heated air without the ducts, which are the tunnels that air travels in. They only heat or cool the room they’re in, and don’t impact the temperature of other rooms. 

They include an outdoor air compressor and an indoor unit that blows air. They’re most commonly used in buildings that don’t already have ductwork in them, most notably homes and small apartments. 

Benefits of a ductless system include: 

  • Simple to install
  • Run quietly and take up little space
  • More affordable than other options and don’t require expensive maintenance or repairs
  • Energy-efficient, even more so than certain other AC options
  • Provide more options regarding interior design; can be installed against the wall or hung from the ceiling

Installation Process

If you are considering installing a ductless system, call the team at Van Drunen. We handle the entire installation process and make things simple for you. Our reputation is one build on over 50 years of work as a leading local HVAC team. We’re confident you’ll be pleased by the work that we do. 

Van Drunen is Here for you

Before proceeding with an installation, be sure to discuss with a talented HVAC contractor. Fully understanding your options is key to making sure your investment is the best possible choice for you and your family. Van Drunen is committed to helping clients get the right heating and cooling option based on what they need. We can help you decide if it is right for you: 

  • Small Space. Small rooms detached from the main duct system can easily get too cold or hot depending on the time of the year. If the room is very large, however, it may be necessary to install ductwork, since the ductless system may not be sufficient for notably large spaces. 
  • Different Needs Under One Roof. Whether you’re renting a room to someone or have a roommate that doesn’t agree on the thermostat, a ductless system provides independent decisions regarding climate control. It can ensure everyone is happy.
  • Downsize. If you’ve recently downsized and don’t need to heat or cool every room in your home, consider adding ductless systems to the rooms that still require temperature control. 

Call Our HVAC Contractors Today

Ductless systems open a world of possibilities. If you’d like to add temperature control to rooms individually, talk to the team at Van Drunen to learn more about ductless system installation. Flossmoor homeowners appreciate the unlimited knowledge and customer support we provide. Call us today to get started. 



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