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Flossmoor Water Heaters

Flossmoor Hot Water Heaters

Water Heaters

When you don’t have hot water in your home, your hot water heater isn’t giving you water that’s the temperature you want, or you notice strange smells or sounds coming from your water heater, you need a water heater professional. At Van Drunen Heating and Air Conditioning, our experienced team of water heater repair technicians has been helping those in the Flossmoor community get things with their water heaters back on track for years, and know how to diagnose and fix any problem.

Our Water Heater Repair Services

Even if you perform maintenance on your water heater on a regular basis – which most homeowners neglect to do – your water heater will likely break down overtime and require repairs. Some of the most common reasons that customers call us include:

  • Leaking valve or hot water heater tank;
  • Sediment in tank;
  • Defective gas valve;
  • Pilot light problems;
  • Broken rods;
  • Thermostat problems;
  • Problems with the dip tube; and
  • Clogged vents.

These defects and breakdowns manifest themselves in a variety of ways. For example, loud noises and banging, smelly tanks, a lack of hot water, a lack of very hot water, scalding water, or inconsistent hot water are all some of the reasons that clients call us for service.

We not only offer the best water heater repairs in Flossmoor, but we also offer water heater maintenance and replacement services, too. We will advise you regarding when your water heater is too old to last much longer, and when it may be time to say out with the old and in with the new.

Why You Should Work with Van Drunen Heating and Air Conditioning

Not only do we know our stuff when it comes to hot water heaters, but we have been in the business for 50 years! That means we have five decades’ worth of experience under our belts, and know how to do good business. Consider that:

  • All of our service members are professionally trained, certified, and insured;
  • We start every project with a free quote so you don’t have to worry about being charged more than you were bargaining for; and
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction and excellence in our work.

What’s more, we promise to perform all jobs as fast and as affordably as possible, and have received an A+ rating from all three business associations. We can also handle water heater emergencies, such as leaking valves, leaking gas, or a leaking water heater tank. Just contact us by phone, and our service professionals will be there in a jiffy. Want to learn more about the customer experience? Read some of our testimonials today!

Contact Us Today

When your water heater is giving you trouble, give us a call for repairs that you can trust. We know that a working water heater is integral to your comfort, and that an efficient water heater helps your family save money every month. When things aren’t working as they should, the result could be high energy costs, discomfort, and cold showers.

If you are in need of repairs, reach our experienced service professionals today at 708-339-6444. We are also available online, and you can write us a message using our online form. We guarantee our work!



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