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Furnace Installation Lansing

Furnace Installation Lansing

One of the most important—and commonly overlooked—appliances in your home is your furnace. Every winter, you depend on your furnace more than you may realize. The average homeowner might not think about their furnace too much until there’s a major problem. While regular maintenance and repairs help extend your heating unit’s lifetime, there comes a point where it’s more cost-effective to install a brand new one. Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning can help you learn what you need to know if you are considering furnace installation. Lansing homeowners can call us to schedule an appointment. 

Deciding If You Need a New Furnace

Determining whether it’s time for a new furnace depends on several factors. Ideally, your current heating system should be fully assessed by an HVAC expert before making a decision. We have the knowledge needed to tell if your furnace will work fine with a simple repair, or if it’s best to replace it. Here are a few general guidelines to aid you in your decision: 

  • Your heating system is over 20 years old
  • You’ve invested lots of money into repairs
  • Your furnace doesn’t run efficiently and you want something that uses less energy while having a higher level of heating capability
  • There are major issues that are beyond repair

What to Expect During the Furnace Installation Process

Our team at Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning understands that purchasing a new furnace is a major investment. In addition to expenses, a new furnace is something that will fundamentally alter your home’s comfort. A furnace needs to be sized properly so that it adequately heats your home while providing convenient temperature control. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry: we’re here to assist you. 

We are here to answer your questions regarding different furnace models. Navigating your options is easier with our knowledgeable technicians at your side. There are many wonderful furnaces on the market nowadays, and we provide some of the best brands out there. From pricing to energy consumption, we make sure you have all the information necessary to make the right decision. 

After selecting the best furnace for your home, budget, and needs, we manage the logistics from here on out. Installation is handled by our experienced team, and we remove your old furnace as well. Before we leave, we’ll guide you through the basics of using your new heating unit, as well as how to care for it. 

Additionally, you will appreciate hearing about our financing options. Buying a new furnace is cost-effective, but it can be a big initial expense. Our financing lets you make your purchase without any worries. Call us if you’d like to learn more. 

For Furnace Installation, Lansing Homeowners Can Turn to Us

If you’re considering installing a new furnace in your home or business, reach out to our team at Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning today. With our professionals here to help, you’ll have no problem getting your new heating system set up and ready. We’re happy to help you with any requests or questions regarding furnace installation. Lansing homeowners don’t need to look anywhere else for the quality results they deserve!




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