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Furnace Installation Thornton

Furnace Installation Thornton

At Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been keeping homes and businesses comfortable for over 50 years. When you need furnace installation in Thornton or any of the surrounding areas, we’re here to help. Our highly trained HVAC professionals have the skills to install a large variety of furnace types, delivering the power and efficiency you need to keep your space warm all winter long.

Choosing what type of furnace to install can be a hard decision. Examining the benefits of the most common types of furnaces – gas and electric – may help you decide.

3 Benefits of Getting a Gas Furnace Installed

Gas furnaces are the most common type of furnace used for homeowners’ heating systems. Even as electric furnaces become more common, gas furnaces will still have a place in many homes. Here are three advantages of having a gas furnace installed.

Warm up quickly

In cold weather, you don’t want to wait forever for your home to heat up. For homes in colder climates, installing a gas furnace could help you warm up more quickly and stay warm for longer. That’s because gas furnaces are often capable of producing hotter air than electric furnaces, helping speed up the heating process.

More affordable to use

Up front, a gas furnace may seem pricey, but when you consider its energy costs over time, it may be the more economical option. Utility charges for gas are often significantly lower than that for electricity, making most gas furnaces cheaper to run.

Environmentally friendly

Surprisingly, a gas furnace has a low negative impact on the environment when compared with other home heating methods. Burning natural gas is more efficient than producing electricity, and natural gas doesn’t emit as much pollution as other fossil fuels.

3 Advantages of Installing an Electric Furnace

If you’re on the fence about having one of our knowledgeable technicians install an electric furnace in Thornton, here are a couple of benefits you will get.

Extended lifespan

An electric furnace can last up to 20 years and sometimes longer when cared for correctly. The lifespan helps save on costly repairs and delays the need for getting a replacement. This is due to not having to work as hard as gas and oil furnaces which leads to less wear and tear.

Easier access to fuel source

In some cases, access to a natural gas line may be limited or unavailable. Electricity, however, is readily available to fuel up your electric furnace in almost every home.

Safe from fire hazards

Unlike gas or oil furnaces, you won’t have to worry about oil spills or gas leaks that could cause a potential fire. Having an electric furnace can give you peace of mind and eliminate the worry that if something breaks, you’re susceptible to leaks that can cause a fire.

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment in Thornton

Whatever type of new furnace installation you’re considering, we can help. If you’re in Thornton or the surrounding areas, schedule your appointment with Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning today. We provide furnace installation services to make sure your HVAC system is equipped for all weather conditions. Our technicians are ready to serve.



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