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Furnace Repair Near Lansing 

Furnace Repair Near Lansing

Knowing that your furnace will serve as a reliable source of heat during the coldest months of the year is a big comfort, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner near Lansing. At Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide top-notch services for furnace repair near Lansing. If you’re having a furnace issue, please reach out to our professional team directly today. 

When to Call Us for Furnace Repair Near Lansing

When your furnace isn’t working properly, there are a couple do-it-yourself items that you can attempt to troubleshoot the problem before reaching out to a professional. For example, we recommend making sure that the batteries in your thermostat are working properly, that our pilot light is on, and that you’ve changed your filters recently. If none of these solve the issue and any of the following problems continue, please reach out to us. We can offer same-day services in most cases. 

  • Your furnace won’t turn on
  • Your furnace won’t turn off
  • Your furnace won’t maintain a constant temperature
  • Despite not increasing your furnace use, you’ve noticed a change in your energy costs
  • Your furnace smells strange
  • Your furnace is making loud or strange noises
  • Heat is inconsistent or cold air is being distributed through your home

The above problems can be a major headache, especially when it’s cold outside and you need heat now. Get quick services from our furnace repair team near Lansing. 

Common Furnace Repairs We Perform

We have over 50 years of experience in the furnace repair business, which means that when it comes to furnace issues, we can confidently say that we’ve seen it all. We’ve worked on all makes and models of furnaces, old and new, and feel very confident in our ability to quickly diagnose and correct a furnace issue. Common furnace problems that we see and repairs that we perform are related to–

  • Home circuit issues;
  • Pilot lights being out;
  • Dirty filters;
  • Safety switch issues;
  • Issues with the burner flames;
  • Broken furnace blower motors;
  • Bad limit switches;
  • Broken fans; and
  • More.

The above list isn’t inclusive, but it should give you an idea of common problems we see and can fix. If you think the issue is something else–or if you have no idea what could be wrong–reach out to us directly for an inspection.

Call Our Experienced Team for Furnace Repair Near Lansing

Having a broken furnace is a big hassle, and could leave you without heat for a day, a high energy bill, or frustrating temperature inconsistencies if you don’t call a professional. At Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality, expert services. We can provide same-day services in many cases, offer financing for new furnace installation projects, have more than five decades of experience, prioritize customer service, and care about giving back to the communities in which we work. To learn more about our services for furnace repair near Lansing or to schedule an appointment with us today, please give us a call or send us a message directly. 



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