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Highland Air Conditioning Contractors

Highland Air Conditioning Contractors

At Van Drunen Heating and Air Conditioning, we endeavor to provide superior HVAC services for our clients. Every homeowner deserves efficient solutions to keep things comfortable when it’s hot and humid outside. When the hot summer arrives, you’ll be grateful to have our Highland air conditioning contractors at your side. We’re prepared to assist with any issues that arise so your family can stay cool all season long.

Signs You Need to Install a New AC

Understandably, you may be on the fence about such a large investment. But even though a new AC has upfront costs, you’ll save money in the long run thanks to increased energy efficiency. Newer models of HVAC systems provide better cooling without using as much energy as older models. As a result, your monthly energy bills will decrease, and your home will have increased comfort

Here are a few signs that  you should install a new air conditioner in your home: 

  • You Keep Having to Repair Your AC. All air conditioning units will need continuous maintenance each year to ensure it runs at top efficiency. But repairs should be far and few in-between. While there may be emergency situations where you need our team to come out and quickly solve an issue, repeated repairs are a major indication that your AC is past its prime. Over time, these jobs can cost significant amounts of money, all factored into an AC that will need to be replaced anyway. Your best bet is to invest in a new AC.
  • Your Home Feels Hot. A properly functioning air conditioner should evenly cool every part of the home. If you walk into one side of the house and it feels hot, or if all rooms in your house are warmer than they should be, your AC may have a major issue that cannot be adequately solved through repairs alone. 
  • Your AC Isn’t Energy-Efficient. If your home is older, and you never replaced your central air conditioning, you are likely using an outdated model that offers no energy efficiency. This can become costly to run, especially if it doesn’t properly cool all parts of your house, leading to lots of money spent each month. 

By upgrading your AC, you may be able to cut your energy usage by over 20 percent, meaning you’ll have more cash to spend how you like. Years down the line, this translates to hundreds or even thousands of dollars saved, simply by investing in a new air conditioner. 

Reasons to Choose Our Highland Air Conditioning Contractors

Van Drunen Heating and Air Conditioning is a team of experienced Highland air conditioning contractors. We have the knowledge needed to quickly solve your AC-related issue so your family can once again enjoy a comfortable, cool home. When we arrive, you can feel confident knowing the repair, maintenance or installation is being handled by a capable team of industry experts. We continuously work hard to support your long-term needs, and we do so by becoming the HVAC company you trust the most. Call our Highland air conditioning contractors to begin!



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