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Homewood Humidifier Service and Repair

Homewood Humidifier Service and Repair 

Having a humidifier in your home can provide numerous benefits to you and your family. Especially for young children and those with allergies or respiratory conditions, a humidifier can make a huge difference in terms of comfort, health, and wellbeing. At Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning, our Homewood humidifier service and repair specialists can assist you if your humidifier is on the fritz. Call us today to get started.

Common Humidifier Service and Repair Needs

Small, personal, room-specific humidifiers can usually benefit from regular filter replacement, as well as battery replacement if battery-operated. It’s also wise to clean out the water chamber regularly to prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria. However, if you have a whole-home humidifier, it may take more than just changing out the batteries to keep it running smoothly day in and day out. Some common humidifier service and repair needs that our team frequently encounters include:

  • Electrical cord malfunctions;
  • Float control defects;
  • Faulty humidistat;
  • Broken fan;
  • Dirty or damaged foam/filters; and 
  • Pump malfunctions. 

While you may be able to troubleshoot some of the above items yourself, and may even be able to fix some without the help of a professional (like cleaning the form or changing out the filter), for bigger repair jobs, you should call a professional.

The Importance of Calling a Professional for Humidifier Service and Repair

If you have a humidifier service and repair need, working with a professional is important. Here’s why:

  • A defective humidifier could be bad for your family’s health. The first and most important reason why you should seek repairs is that a humidifier that is defective could be bad for you and your family’s health. Not only may you start suffering again from many of the ailments that you sought a humidifier to ameliorate, such as dry skin or breathing problems, but also, if problems are the result of a dirty filter, you may be risking bacterial or mold contamination.
  • Doing it yourself may be unsafe. Another reason why you should call a professional rather than attempt to fix your humidifier yourself is that a DIY job may be unsafe. Especially if dealing with a defect that involves electricity, it’s smarter to have a professional handle the job.
  • You’ll save time (and maybe money, too!). You may think that doing it yourself will be a less expensive option than calling a professional, but this is only true if you repair the problem correctly; if you don’t, you may end up causing more damage, which will be even more expensive to remedy. And of course, calling a professional from the get-go will save you time, not to mention offer more peace of mind.

Call Our Team for Homewood Humidifier Service and Repair

If you have a home or business humidifier, keeping that humidifier in tip-top condition is important for your family’s health and comfort. To learn more about our Homewood humidifier service and repair services, call Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning today or send us a message telling us more about your humidifier repair needs.





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