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Cool Things Down with Professional Air Conditioning Services in Lansing

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Summertime in Lansing is hot, with some going so far as to call summer temperatures in the city downright miserable. But summer doesn’t have to be uncomfortably warm; you can cool things off with a great air conditioning system in your home or business. Whether you are in need of air conditioner installation for a home or business, air conditioner maintenance, or air conditioner repair, we have you covered. Just contact us today to request your free quote.

Air Conditioning Services You Can Count On

For 50 years, the team at Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing air conditioning services to those in the Lansing community. We pride ourselves on maintaining a reputation of excellence, and one you’ll always be able to count on. Our air conditioning services include:

  • Air conditioner maintenance. Just like other things within a home, air conditioners need to be serviced regularly to function ideally. This means changing filters, cleaning your air conditioner condenser unit, cleaning air conditioner foils, unclogging condensate drains, and more. If you aren’t comfortable or skilled in doing these things on your own, we can help. We can also prepare an A/C unit for winter.
  • Air conditioner installation/air conditioner replacement. When your air conditioner unit is particularly dated, not only may it not function as it should, which means your home or business won’t be as cool as you’d like it, but it may also be very energy inefficient. Further, it may flat out break down and refuse to work, with the costs of repairs overtime actually being more expensive than replacement now. Whether you need an air conditioner for the first time or are hoping to replace your current model with a new one, we can help. We have multiple types of air conditioning systems to choose from, and will assist you in picking the best one for you.
  • Air conditioner repair. Of course, just like maintenance and (one day) replacement are inevitable, so too are repairs. We can fix all types of air conditioner problems, and because we carry most parts on hand, we can do this fast. We are able to repair most air conditioner system the same day.

What Are the Benefits of Working with Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning in Lansing?

We are the most experienced air conditioning repair and maintenance company in the Lansing area, with our five decades of service speaking for themself. We have great customer reviews, a history of client satisfaction, and guarantee our work. Of course, we always provide a free quote to get started, and are able to answer any questions you have knowledgeably and with a smile.

Learn More About Air Conditioning Services Today

Isn’t time you took care of your air conditioner? After all, it works hard for you during the hottest months of the year. To learn more about Van Drunen Heating & Air conditioning and why we’re the best choice for air conditioning services in Lansing, contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

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