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Lynwood Furnace Repair 

Lynwood Furnace Repair

When the cold weather rolls around, you’ll be grateful to have a working furnace. Your family’s comfort and safety relies on having a heating system that adequately warms your home, so if you’ve noticed any problems, be sure to contact a technician right away. Keep your HVAC system running properly with our skilled team at your side. Van Drunen has assisted countless homeowners throughout the region. We provide commercial and residential HVAC services. Call us now to schedule a furnace checkup. 

Common Furnace Complications

Your furnace may develop a problem when you least expect it. Homeowners may feel frustrated if their furnace suddenly stops working as it should. Since 1969, Van Drunen has assisted countless clients with furnace-related needs. WE know all there is to maintaining and repairing a heating system, and we’re more than happy to assist you. Over the years, we’ve recognized several common issues that clients face:

  • Lack of Maintenance. Furnaces require annual tune ups to maintain their quality. If you aren’t giving your heating system some TLC, it can lead to larger issues that are more difficult to fix. 
  • Clogged Filters. Furnaces collect debris from the air using filters. These filters need to be changed regularly to ensure it runs at maximum efficiency. A dirty filter can compromise your home’s indoor air quality and make the furnace have to work harder to run, leading to high energy bills. 
  • Frequent Cycling. If your furnace experiences frequent on and off cycles, there’s likely some issue causing it to do so, such as a bad thermostat setting or a clogged filter. 
  • Loud Noises. General mechanical issues can cause your furnace to make loud noises while running.

No matter what the problem is, our team will get to the bottom of it and help you find a feasible solution. Many furnaces are successfully repaired, but if your model is very old or particularly damaged, it may be more profitable to install a brand new heating unit. The average furnace lasts for around 15 to 30 years, so if it’s time for a new one, we’ll help you find a suitable product. 

Professional HVAC Maintenance

Your air conditioning and heating unit is an important part of keeping your home comfortable. Temperature control gives you the power to set the air temperature to safe levels year round, and with the right company at your side, it’s possible to help your HVAC system live for longer. Most systems will last a few decades, although the exact number depends heavily on how it’s treated throughout its lifetime, which makes regular maintenance. 

Our team will arrive to check out the heating and cooling system and search for any potential problems. Many times, you may not be aware that there is an issue before it causes significant problems, often complications that are pricey. In order to prevent these issues from happening at the worst moment possible, prepare alongside our HVAC specialists. We’ll provide the solutions you need to ensure your system works. 

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Maintaining your furnace ensures it lasts for years and keeps your family comfortable all winter long. Get in touch with Van Drunen to start your tune up. 



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