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South Holland Ductless Heating

Heating Your Home With South Holland Ductless Heating

Ductless Systems

Winter can be a drag – not only are temperatures much more uncomfortable, but you also have to worry about how to keep your home warm in order to provide for your own comfort and keep pipes from freezing. When heating is a must, this means that you must also pay attention to the costs of heating, which can quickly skyrocket when temperatures are particularly frigid. At Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning, we know that heating your home or business during the wintertime can be a worry, especially if your energy costs are through the roof and you’re on a budget. For certain homeowners, business owners, and churches in South Holland, we highly recommend considering ductless heating.

How Ductless Heating Keeps You Warm

Ductless heat pumps can be extremely energy efficient when installed correctly, providing heating all winter long while also keeping energy expenses low. Ductless heating systems are inverter-driven, and can increase or decrease heat output to meet a home’s heating needs. Even though these systems rely on an outdoor unit (which is connected to one or more indoor units), these systems are highly efficient and continue heating even when outdoor temperatures drop below zero degree Fahrenheit!

Why Ductless Heating Is Something You Should Consider for Your South Holland Home

As stated above, ductless heating can be much more energy efficient than other heating types. According to BPA.gov, ductless heating pumps offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Between 25 to 50 percent reduced energy consumption when compared to electric resistant heat;
  • Combined heating and cooling services – ductless heating system also keep your home cool in the summertime;
  • Peace and quiet, reducing noise pollution;
  • Improved indoor air quality thanks to built-in air filters;
  • Consistent and even heating;’
  • Ease of installation; and
  • Supplementary heating.

A ductless heating system can be used in conjunction with a traditional heating system, or can be used on its own. Both methods can be efficient depending upon a home’s heating needs.

Why You Should Work with Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning

If you are thinking about going ductless with your home’s heating needs, you need to work with a highly experienced heating and cooling professional. In fact, while ductless heating pumps can be very energy efficient, when they are improperly installed, they can actually result in heating losses. Working with a professional is a must. At Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning, we have been serving those in the South Holland community for 50 years. Over the years, we have handled all types of home heating and cooling needs, and have developed a comprehensive knowledge of ductless heating and other heating solutions.

We installed our first ductless system 25 years ago, and are happy to report that it is still working today. We only use the highest quality ductless heating systems, and prefer to work with Fujitsu ductless systems, which are absolutely exceptional. These systems last for years, require little maintenance, and run very efficiently. These systems are great in homes throughout South Holland, but also run very efficiently in churches thanks to their versatility.

In addition to experience and use of the best products, we are a family owned business with two generations of family still working within the company. We have a reputation of trust in our community, and care about ensuring that you get the services you are looking for.

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If you want to learn more about ductless heating solutions for your South Holland home, business, or church, please contact us today. A quote is always free, and we will happily answer any questions that you have. You can reach us online, or by phone at 708-339-6444. Our goal is to make sure your needs are met!

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