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South Holland Water Heaters

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Water Heaters

Life doesn’t stop when your water heater breaks down – you still need to shower and go to work, wash the kids’ clothes, and take care of the dishes, with or without hot water. But doing these tasks with cold water can be pure pain, especially in the winter time. When you are in need of fast water heater repairs in South Holland, our experienced team at Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning has you covered.

Common Reasons Why Customers Call Us for Water Heater Repairs

There are a number of reasons why customers contact us for water heater repairs in South Holland. All of these reasons are caused by very fixable problems, although some – such as a leaking hot water heater – are more serious than others, and demand immediate attention to prevent further damage.

  • No hot water. If you have no hot water at all anywhere in your home, the problem is very likely that the pilot light is not lit. When the pilot light isn’t on, the valve does not allow for gas to be delivered, meaning that water cannot be heated. If the pilot light won’t light, the problem may be with the gas valve. 
  • Inconsistent hot water. If hot water is there, but keeps going in and out, or if there is not enough hot water, the solution may be fixing the thermostat. Another potential solution is repairing or replacing the dip tube, or a clogged vent.
  • Warm, but not hot, water. If water is warm, but not hot, the problem likely has to do with the thermostat. Adjusting the thermostat, or replacing it if it’s dated, will probably do the trick.
  • Leaks. If the water tank or pressure valve is leaking, you need to contact our repair team immediately. A leaking pressure valve or tank could end up causing serious amounts of damage to your home, and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Strange smells. There are a few reasons that you may be noticing a strange smell coming from your hot water heater. First, if you smell gas, you need to turn the gas off and contact a professional immediately; leaking gas can create an explosion risk. If you smell a rotten egg smell, the problem is bacteria in the water that reacts with minerals and substances (like sulfur and magnesium) to produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which is pretty stinky. Whatever the cause of that strange smell, we can fix it.
  • Loud noises. If your water heater is making a knocking noise, banging, or scraping sound, you probably just need to flush your tank to rid it of sediments. This is very simple to do.
  • If you are in need of repairs, you can call us directly. If you have questions about our services, read some of our FAQs and answers.

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When you call our water heater repair technicians, we will immediately get to work on diagnosing the problem and implementing a solution. We have been in the business for 50 years, and know how to get to the root of a water heater problem, and are capable of servicing all brands and types of water heaters.

For your free quote or to schedule a repair, contact us today. We are reachable online by filling out the form on our website, or you can call us directly at 708-336-6444. We look forward to working with you!



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