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Feb 14 2022

How Often Should I Get My Furnace Serviced?

While your furnace is on your mind only about half of the year, you should not forget about it during the warmer months. Having your furnace serviced and checked out should be at the top of your mind when it is still warm out. You want your unit tuned up and ready to go right from the starting when the temperature first drops on the initial cold night of fall. Take time to make that call to our team at Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning in the summer to schedule your fall furnace maintenance visit. 

Annual Furnace Inspections Are Important

We are not just saying that you need an annual furnace inspection – this is truly a vital part of maintaining and upkeeping your unit and extending the life of your furnace. Our maintenance visit will include a thorough inspection and review of your furnace’s current status. By coming out when you do not need it, we can make sure that your furnace is on stand-by when you do need it. We can fix any issues that we see early on and hopefully help prevent bigger problems down the road. 

If it looks like your furnace has seen better days or if it has a major problem, we may recommend installing a brand new furnace before the winter starts. We know that the amount of energy-efficient offerings today can be very confusing. Our team can discuss with you what may work in your space and what works within your budget. Energy-efficient units can pave the way for energy savings down the road, which can offset the upfront costs of a new furnace.

Signs it’s Time to See Us Sooner Vs. Later

Besides annual inspections and service, our crew can repair any problems that may arise throughout the fall or winter. Some signs to look for include: loud, strange and new noises from your furnace, leaks on the floor around your unit, cold air is blowing when the furnace is on or your furnace is running constantly and not turning off. We will head out your way as soon as we can to assess and evaluate the problem and offer our recommended solution. We have an in-house sheet metal shop to turn around repairs quickly. We also have a well-stocked inventory of supplies and products at our office, shop and warehouse. Our team is trained on all of the necessary techniques to repair your furnace, and our technicians bring the tools and parts to get your job done.

We Are Here for You Today

The biggest thing that you can do yourself throughout the year is to change your furnace’s air filter on a consistent basis. Clogged filters can bog down your system, restrict airflow and affect air quality in your home. If you need professional maintenance, connect with us through our online contact form.



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