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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Your Trusted Indoor Air Quality Company

The quality of your indoor air is an extremely important consideration, and yet something that not many people in South Holland and surrounding areas think about. However, indoor air quality can have a profound effect on your health and the health of your loved ones. Luckily, air quality is easily controlled with air cleaners and humidifiers. At Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning, we want your family to breathe easier and have the air quality solutions you’re looking for.

Air Cleaners

Many people assume that the air in the home is perfectly fine – why would they need to clean it? The problem with indoor air is that over time, the following can accumulate, leading to allergies, respiratory problems, and more:

  • Pollen;
  • Bacteria;
  • Viruses;
  • Dust mites; and
  • Pet hair.

In order to combat these common allergens and irritants that can negatively affect air quality, we will assess the situation and provide you with recommendations and solutions for improving your air quality. We usually recommend the Pure Air whole-home air purification system, which is more effective at cleaning your air than any other system that money can buy. Our other recommendations are the Lennox Healthy Climate HC16, or the Healthy Climate HEPA filtration system. Both are great options.


Air quality isn’t just about the pollutants in your air; it’s also about controlling for humidity. Air that is too dry can dry out nasal cavities, skin, and throat, leading to itchy skin and trouble breathing, especially when sleeping. Humidification, or adding moisture to the air, is one of the most important components of an indoor air system and your comfort.

But humidification does more than just keep your throat from getting scratchy or your skin from getting dry; controlling your humidity – which means not letting it get too moist within your home – is also essential for mold and dust mite prevention, both of which can cause irritation and health issues. We provide humidifiers that keep the humidity in your home at the perfect level for comfort and improved health all-year-round.

Other Tips for Controlling Indoor Air Quality

In addition to installing an air cleaning system and a home humidifier, we also recommend vacuuming and dusting regularly, and changing filters in heating and cooling systems. Changing your filters on a regular basis can have a huge effect on the quality of your indoor air.

Why You Should Work with Van Drunen Heating & Air

When you are inviting a professional into your home to assess your home’s air quality and improve upon it, you want to make sure that that person is someone whom you can trust. At Van Drunen Heating and Air Conditioning, we are a family-owned business, with two generations of family remaining active in the company. We have also been in business for over 50 years, and are respected and trusted in our community. We care about your family and will do everything that we can to make sure your air is clean, easy to breathe, and has just the right amount of moisture.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Improving your home’s air quality is very important, especially if you have anyone in the family who struggles with asthma or respiratory conditions, or if you have pets who track in dust and debris from outside. In fact, by improving the air quality in your home, you may notice a huge change in your comfort or health.

Contact Our Indoor Air Professionals Today for a Free Quote

To learn more about how bad air quality in your house may be affecting you, contact our professional team at Van Drunen Heating and Air Conditioning today for a free quote. You can reach us today at 708-339-6444.

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