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Jun 11 2023

Is It Time to Ditch Your Window Air Conditioner Units?

There are many different options when it comes to air conditioning. You can have an HVAC system that’s able to cool large areas like central air conditioning or mini split systems, or for smaller spaces you may have a window air conditioner unit. Each of these systems has their own pros and cons. For most owners, it can often be difficult to determine which unit would be best for your home and that’s where our professionals at Van Drunen Heating and Air come in. We want to help you make the most informed decision for your home’s air conditioning. 

Should I Upgrade My Window Air Conditioner Unit?

While window air conditioning units can be effective in some cases, oftentimes, they are the wrong choice for effective cooling, especially come the warmer summer months. Here are some things you should consider when thinking about upgrading your window unit:

  • Safety- AC window units are secured in the window with half of the unit hanging outside. This can pose a very serious safety risk if it isn’t secured correctly and checked often. If you aren’t confident in the safety of your unit, or simply don’t want to have this extra worry,  it may be time to switch units.
  • Aesthetic- as a unit that hangs out of your window, this option isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. It may have been your most cost-effective solution at the time, but if things have changed and you want to increase your space’s value and design, switching to a different unit would help.
  • Poor whole home cooling- AC window units just aren’t equipped to handle whole home cooling. Even if you buy a unit with the highest BTU, it may reach most of your home but will leave you with uneven cooling. The room housing your window unit will always be significantly cooler than the rest of the home and the farthest rooms will be warmer.
  • Higher monthly costs- while window AC units are usually first bought because of how inexpensive they are they often can end up costing you more money. It takes these units longer than others to cool your home which will end up raising your monthly utility bills.

Van Drunen Heating and Air

If any of the above points apply to you now would be a great time to contact the experienced professionals at Van Drunen! We are well versed in all types of air conditioning units and would love to get you the unit that makes sense for you both financially and functionally. Call us today to learn more!



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