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Oct 19 2021

Steps to Winterize Your Heating System

As winter approaches, you’ll want your heating system to be well prepared. The snowy, cold weather puts your heater to work, so now’s the opportunity to make sure everything is good to go. Low temperatures can quickly compromise your home’s safety and put your family at risk, so take action and follow these steps to winterize their heating system. 

If you have additional questions, be sure to reach out to our team. Having a professional HVAC technician do maintenance work on your heating system is the perfect way to keep it in top shape. Call Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning to get started. 

Specialized Care for Furnace

Furnaces need special attention during preparations. In order to keep your system running efficiently, you’ll need to remove any foreign debris that ended up inside. Debris naturally accumulates as the furnace runs every year, so clean out any dust and particles that are currently in it to protect your home’s air quality. We recommend doing this with the help of a professional. 

Replace the Filter

HVAC systems use specially-built filters to trap airborne particles and prevent them from recirculating back into your home. Many homeowners underestimate how vital a role the filter plays, and as the months pass, the filters become filled and ineffective. Your heater will have to work much harder to operate at expected efficiency, leading to higher energy bills and general rundown. Before starting up your heater, replace the filter with a clean one. If you need help, let us know. We’d be happy to handle the task for you.

Clean the Air Vents

As you prepare your heating system, be sure to check out the supply and return vents since these need to be clean. Our technicians can thoroughly clean the vents and remove any particles before they’re stirred up into your indoor air. We provide efficient services when you’re trying to finish up heater maintenance before the holidays arrive. 

Troubleshoot Thermostat

Have you noticed that certain rooms are warmer than others? You may consider adding vents to those rooms to increase airflow. Troubleshoot your thermostat so that it is calibrated to the actual temperatures in your home. Sometimes, a thermostat will reveal a weakness in your home’s insulation, heating system or even the thermostat itself. 

Understand the Water Shutoff Valve

In addition to HVAC maintenance, you’ll want to take certain preparations. During particularly cold weather, water pipes can freeze and create major problems. In this circumstance, you’ll want to be familiar with your water shutoff valve. This valve typically requires pliers to turn it off, although there are some units that use a key. Locate your main shutoff valve and have a plan in place for emergencies. 

Talk to an HVAC Expert

Whenever you’re preparing your heating system for the long winter months, you’ll want to consult with an HVAC professional. Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning provides efficient solutions to keep your heating system running all winter long. Get in touch with us today!



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