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Nov 30 2021

The Furnace Went Out, Now What?

In the dead of winter, there is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to being able to see your breath! When your furnace abruptly stops working, there are some key things to keep in mind and also check out before calling a professional.

Check these out 

A simple fix may be all it takes to get warm air flowing once again in your home that you can put into play before a technician is able to get out and provide a final examination of the problem.

  1. Are your furnace filters dirty? Maybe it’s not cold in your house, but not as warm. This may be due to restricted airflow from a plugged up and dirty air filter. Trapped dust, dirt and debris can restrict flow and even stop your furnace from working. If this task has fallen off of your calendar, it is a good place to start and strive to do it every three months.
  2. Control center: Maybe it is not your unit at all but your thermostat, which is the mind of your system. Check and see if your thermostat is on – as the batteries may have died – or if there is something unusual displayed to investigate. And obviously, double-check that it is in the heat mode.
  3. Power up: It is a good idea to make sure that the circuit breaker to your furnace is on as well as the furnace itself. All furnaces have a basic power switch.

While you wait

If after going through this checklist and not finding anything wrong, you have had to call a professional. While they may be available quickly, it can still take time to delve into the problem, come up with a solution and fix it to get your furnace back on again

Here are some ideas to deal with your cold house.

  1. Alternate source: Dig out that space heater and plug it where you all will be hanging out the most of the time until the repair has been complete. Gather around the fireplace if you have one as well as get out those electric blankets.
  2. Keep the outside out: Beyond having the windows closed, shut the blinds and curtains to help keep out leaky air. Also, shut the doors of rooms you are not in, especially the basement.
  3. Exercise breaks: While it is tempting to cuddle and cocoon yourself under tons of blankets and warm clothes, getting moving will also warm you up and get your blood flowing. The kids may enjoy a dance party to help pass the time as well.
  4. Take a bake break: If you have been wanting to try that cookie or cake recipe, now is the time. Whipping up a delicious treat can lift spirits and warm the extended kitchen area by having the oven run. 

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