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Jul 7 2020

What to Know About Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless systems are an excellent solution for areas of your home that do not get air conditioning by your main unit. Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning has helped many clients transform unused areas of their homes into comfortable spaces simply by installing a ductless system. Our Homewood HVAC company offers only the highest-quality products that keep your family cool and safe. Here’s what you should know about ductless air conditioning. 

Fast Installation

Since ductless systems don’t require any significant modification to your home, they can be installed relatively quickly. Of course, that also depends on the HVAC company that installs it for you. Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning has decades of experience installing ductless systems for all kinds of purposes. We will efficiently install your product so you can get right to enjoying your new ductless system. 

Improves Air Quality

If you’ve ever stepped into a hot, stuffy attic, you know how difficult it is to breathe in such conditions. By installing a ductless AC in a room that otherwise doesn’t have good airflow, you will significantly improve the air quality. Ductless air conditioners keep the room temperature-controlled. Additionally, ductless systems have air filters in them, meaning it will help to reduce levels of pollen and dust in the air. As you can imagine, a ductless system can truly turn a stuffy attic into a breathable, cozy space.    

Runs Quietly

Another perk of a ductless system is that it is quiet. Unlike other cooling options, such as fans, ductless systems keep noise levels to a minimum. These devices do not make loud noises and are installed so that it is mostly on the outside of your home. It’s unlikely that you’ll even notice it’s running at any given moment, helping you keep a calm, relaxing ambiance in your home. 

Works Well in Many Contexts

In general, no single cooling system works for everyone. Your home has a unique floorplan, meaning you need a cooling system that’s individualized for your needs. However, this isn’t necessarily true for ductless systems since they don’t use ducts to direct air. Ductless systems work well in homes, commercial buildings and churches. Our team has installed ductless systems for clients with all different needs, so you can trust us to meet your needs, too. 

Efficient and Affordable

If you’re like the average homeowner, you are looking for ways to reduce monthly costs and keep things within a budget. Installing a ductless system is an easy way to do just that. Ductless systems are energy efficient, especially those made by Fujitsu. Increased energy efficiency will save you money on your monthly energy bills, as well as contribute to a cleaner environment. 

Get Your Ductless Air Conditioner With Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning

Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning has completed ductless system installations for clients across Chicagoland and Illinois. These systems are built to fit many different purposes and offer long lasting durability and quality. We are happy to discuss the benefits of a ductless system further, so call our team today!



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