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May 15 2022

Why Is My AC Blowing Out Warm Air?

If you are hanging out inside on a warm spring or hot summer day, you want to do so in a chill and cool environment. If it does not feel as comfortable as usual, your air conditioner may be blowing out warm air. If when you check out a vent, it is not cool air that you are feeling, there are a variety of reasons behind this issue.

Check your thermostat: An easy fix is that your thermostat got readjusted to a different temperature. Take a moment to take a look and make sure that your thermostat is set to the cooler temperature that is needed for your AC system to blow out cool, not warm air. Also, make sure that no one bumped the button from air conditioner to heat too. Obviously, a heat setting is not what you want in the summer. If you have the fan setting on, it could be blowing air that is not being cooled if your unit is not activated. This constant blowing of air can feel warm when it is not actively cooled, so it is best to have your thermostat just set in the air conditioner mode.

Outdoor unit issues: The source of the warm air can be the outdoor unit itself. Maybe it is not receiving power. Ensure that there is not a fuse blown and that it just needs to be addressed at your panel. Take a good look at your AC unit’s coils as they may be dirty. Since your air conditioner is outside year-round, it can really collect dirt, debris and more. The coils need to be free of stuff in order to function properly and keep your home cool. 

Refrigerant leak: If you are experiencing warm air, there may be a leak in your unit somewhere that is causing your refrigerant to be at a lower level. When your level is low, your unit will continue to try to work on keeping your home cool and blow out warm air instead. Heating and air conditioning technicians can determine where the leak is located and repair it to get your home back to being cool.

Maintenance and Repairs Can Prevent a Blast of Warm Air

Our specialists can review your unit and try to head off repairs through a maintenance or service visit annually. Your air conditioner has such an important job that it truly needs TLC to keep it at its best. Our team at Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning will discuss with you what needs to be completed as far as repairs if your AC is blowing out warm air. Sometimes, a repair is the right answer, but other times, it is time to invest in a new unit. 

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