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Feb 24 2020

3 Important Things In Your Home and How to Tell if They Need Repairs

Your home is full of different appliances, machines, and technologies that contribute to your comfort, security, and wellbeing on a daily basis. However, it’s easy to forget that these things,  just like all other machines and appliances, experience wear and tear over the years, break down, and may eventually need to be repaired or totally replaced. At Van Drunen Heating and Air Conditioning, we can help with all heating, cooling, and air quality repairs. Here are three very important things in your home that need to be kept in working condition, and how to tell if repairs are needed–

#1. Furnace

Responsible for providing heat for your home, you probably don’t want to imagine an Indiana winter without a working furnace. But without paying attention to your furnace’s efficiency, this is exactly what may happen. Here are some signs that your furnace needs repairs or, at the very least, some really good maintenance:

  • Your furnace is more than 15 years old and you haven’t serviced it yet;
  • Your heating bill has increased dramatically and there’s no reasonable explanation for it;
  • The heater won’t turn on or off, or isn’t providing consistent temperatures; or 
  • Your furnace is making strange sounds or smells weird. 

Another sign that you may need some maintenance is if you don’t remember the last time you did maintenance, in which you case you should call our professionals ASAP. 

#2. Air Conditioner

Just like the lack of a heater in the winter, a sweaty, humid, and hot summer in Indiana can leave you feeling that much more uncomfortable if you don’t have an air conditioner – you’ll be sorry when the heat hits. Here are some signs that you need to invest in repairing your air conditioner:

  • The air coming out of your system is hot, not cool;
  • Air blowing is accompanied by a strange and unpleasant odor;
  • Your utility bills have increased despite the fact that you’re using your A/C unit the same amount;
  • Your thermostat is inaccurate – i.e. the temperature reads one thing but the indoor temperature in your home is much higher/lower;
  • There’s a poor airflow, and very little air is actually making its way out of the vents and into your home. 

#3. Ducts

Because you can’t see your ducts, thinking about servicing or repairing them may be the last thing on your mind. However, ducts are an incredibly important part of your home’s heating and cooling infrastructure – it is through the ducts that air flows, providing each room in your home with warmth or cool relief. Some signs that it’s time to clean, repair, or replace your ducts include:

  • Energy inefficiency – if your heating or cooling bills have increased or it feels like hot/cool air isn’t getting into the room as it should, it may be a duct problem. Your ducts may be dirty, clogged, or leaking.
  • Poor respiratory health – have you noticed that your throat is scratchy, your nose stuffy, or that your allergies have really picked up? If so, it may be because the ducts in your home are transporting dust and allergen particles through your home as a result of being extremely dirty.
  • Age – when was the last time you had your ducts serviced? If ductwork is old, it could be improperly designed, leaking, damaged, or even have mold or other allergens inside of it. It’s best to call a professional for an inspection.

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