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Our installations of ductless heat pump systems are increasing every year. Do you have any areas of your home or business that do not get utilized because of poor heating or cooling? A family room, office, bedroom or room addition? These units both heat and cool with no need for ductwork. Fujitsu offers a full product line to fit just about any situation.

Ductless heat pumps have no loss of efficiency, give spot heating or cooling and cost very little to run. They have been popular overseas for decades. With SEER ratings as high as 33, they are more efficient than the highest rated air conditioner made today.

Van Drunen Heating installed its first system over 25 years ago and it is still working today. There are many manufacturers of ductless equipment on the market today, however some are better than others. Our experiences with Fujitsu ductless systems have been nothing less than exceptional. They have very low running costs, are reliable and work efficiently. To view the Fujitsu product line visit www.fujitsugeneral.com.

Some of the ductless applications as of late have been:

  • a low temperature cooling application at a local bank’s IT computer equipment room
  • a dual system to condition 2 bedrooms in a Cape Cod home in Homewood
  • a home office in Dyer that used to be uncomfortable and made working at home a chore
  • a family room addition in Lansing that was rarely used due to lack of heat and air
  • a third floor window enclosed office that looks over Lake Michigan in Miller Beach, Indiana
  • a lower level work out room in Tinley Park
  • a tri-zone system in Chicago that was installed in a home with radiator heat
  • a radio broadcast room in Hammond that appreciates Fujitsu whisper quiet operation
  • a second floor lunch room at a steel manufacturing facility in University Park
  • a sunroom at a Spanish Restaurant in Frankfort that has a removable canopy

Our company has built up working relationships with many churches. Typically these partnerships start with us working in church members’ homes. We have found Fujitsu ductless systems to be a great fit in churches. We have completed installations in Chicago, Thornton, Tinley Park and South Holland in churches with hot water heat. These systems are quiet, visually pleasing and reasonably priced. The feedback we get is that these systems run cheap which all the members appreciate. We have worked with 85 churches and counting. Ask for our list!

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