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Sep 21 2021

5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Home Heating System

As the cold weather starts to roll in and it’s time to turn on your heating system, you may run into a few problems. It’s common to see issues when turning on your heater for the first time since the previous winter months, particularly if you skipped last year’s maintenance. Here are five signs that indicate it’s time to repair or replace your home heating system. If you need assistance, call Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning right away. 

Strange Noises Upon Startup

While it’s normal to hear the quiet sound of air running through the vents, a properly running heater should never make loud, clunking noises. Rattling, banking and other strange sounds often indicate problems, such as a loose duct, worn out fan belt, malfunctioning blower assembly and more. Don’t wait until a major problem occurs: we can take a look and help you find a solution.

Short Cycles

Usually, the thermostat is in charge of regulating your home’s temperature. However, if your heater is on and off frequently, it’s an internal issue. Short-cycling is a phenomenon when your heater turns on, runs for a very short amount of time, turns off, then repeats the cycle again. If this has been happening in your home, be sure to contact an HVAC specialist right away. Short-cycling is often the first sign of a big problem in the midst, so don’t wait to get it repaired. 

Your Home is Very Dusty

Poor indoor air quality is often attributed to an HVAC-related issue, and sometimes that includes your heater. Filters are installed to remove airborne particles from circulating back into your home. When a filter doesn’t fit properly, or if it’s been a while since you’ve replaced them, dust will not be caught through filtration but will instead return back into your home. Another potential problem is if your ductwork isn’t sealed. Over time, sealment might decay or become damaged, particularly if it isn’t maintained. We can examine your ductwork and see if any repairs are needed to stop the issue. 

Inadequate Heating

Does your house feel chilly, even with the heat on? It’s a good indication that something’s wrong. If you feel cold despite your heater supposedly running, let us know. Many times, heaters will be on the decline for a long while before homeowners notice a significant difference in the comfort. Heaters should be powerful enough to heat all rooms thoroughly without running constantly. 

Dry Air

In addition to lots of dust, you may notice a decrease in the air’s moisture levels. It’s common for homes to be less humid in the winter months due to the cold, dryer air from the north. However, significantly dry air can indicate a problem with your heating system. Static electricity, sinus problems and dry hair and skin are all typical of low humidity levels. A faulty furnace can cause such problems, so be sure to call our technicians for help. 

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