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Sep 13 2022

Before You Shut Down Your Air Conditioner For the Year, Do This

When the colder months begin to arrive, many individuals make the switch from using their air conditioning to their furnace. However, it’s important to ensure that your air conditioning system is properly shut down to maintain its function when needed next. Van Drunen Heating and Air is here to help Indiana residents know the necessary steps before shutting down their air conditioning for the year. With our help, you can ensure that your house is at the right temperature all year long. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Shutting Down Your AC Unit

  • Make Sure Your Unit Is Working Properly

If your AC unit is in need of repairs or the unit needs to be replaced entirely, make sure to get this taken care of before you shut your unit down. If these repairs are left untouched, your unit could worsen and not work properly the next time you need it. Avoid the hassle of dealing with a broken AC unit and call Van Drunen Heating and Air before you turn off your AC for the winter. 

  • Turn off the Power Switch

Outside your home, your AC unit should have a switch to control the on-off settings. Typically, this switch is in a metal box located near the system. After lifting the cover, be sure to turn the switch from “on” to “off.” Then, be sure to close the protective cover again. Make sure to examine the metal box and your AC unit for any damages that need to be fixed before winter. This is essential before you clean your unit to prevent accidents and keep you safe. In addition, turning off your AC prevents it from unexpectedly kicking back on if the weather starts to get warm again. 

  • Clean Your Unit

Over the course of the summer, your unit can collect a significant amount of dirt and debris. Be sure to clean the area around the unit, as well as the unit itself. To do this, use a hose to wet down the AC unit. If needed, you can purchase a coil cleaner to help release stuck-on dirt in your unit. After applying the cleaner, it can be removed with water. Be sure to clean your unit on a nice day to prevent any additional clean-up caused by bad weather. In addition, you should ensure that your unit is completely dry before moving on to the next step. 

  • Protecting Your Unit From Damage

It’s important to properly cover your unit for the winter months to prevent any damage from snow or ice. At Van Drunen Heating and Air, we can help discuss your cover needs based on your specific AC unit. A proper cover will ensure that your unit works when needed next. 

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