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St. John Furnace Repair

St. John Furnace Repair

The furnace is one of the most expensive and important appliances in your home. It makes sense that you regularly replace your air filters and clean out your floor registers. But problems with your furnace will still arise, given enough regular use and wear and tear. A St. John furnace repair technician can diagnose and fix the problem so that you do not have to live in the cold for a day longer.

Five Tips for Maintaining a Fully Functioning Furnace

  • Replace Filters Regularly—The most simple and cost-effective method for keeping your furnace running smoothly is to change the air filters whenever prompted by your HVAC system, or at least every 90 days. The best air filters (the ones that filter the smallest particles) have higher MERV ratings. For those with asthma or people living in areas with low air quality, high MERV air filters are your best choice. Not only will replacing your air filters increase the quality of the air you breathe, but it will lower the strain on your furnace.
  • Weatherize and Insulate Your Home—90% of US homes are under-insulated, according to PR Newswire. You can substantially reduce the strain you put on your furnace by properly insulating and sealing off your home from the cold. An HVAC technician can conduct a home energy audit using infrared cameras to find out where your home’s “weak points” lie, such as unsealed windows or uninsulated garages.
  • Unclutter Your Vents—In order for your furnace to function properly, all vents/floor registers should be open and free of obstacles. Couches, rugs, and other furniture-blocking vents can place unnecessary strain on your furnace. 
  • Clean Registers—Make sure to vacuum and clean out your floor registers at least once a year (preferably more often) to keep your ductwork free of debris, hair, dust, and other detritus. 
  • Turn Down the Heat—Keeping the thermostat below 70 (the EPA recommends 68 degrees) is important for reducing the strain on your HVAC system. If your furnace is always struggling to keep the heat high when it is cold outside and is constantly cycling on, it is being placed under too much stress. 

Top 10 Most Common Furnace Problems

Below are the top ten most common furnace issues:

  1. Dirty Filter
  2. Faulty thermostat
  3. Cracked Heat Exchanger
  4. Over-Cycling
  5. Old Ball Bearings
  6. Malfunctioning Blower Belt
  7. Loose Panels
  8. Flickering or Weak Pilot Light
  9. Damaged Limit Switch
  10. Damaged/Loose Ductwork

A St. John Furnace Technician Can Help

If your furnace is having trouble keeping up with the cold temperatures outside, is blowing cool air, or is making loud rattling noises, it might be time to call a St. John furnace repair technician. Contact Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning today at 708-339-6444.



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