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Jun 28 2021

Costly Mistake to Avoid with Air Conditioners 

Your air conditioner is an appliance that requires maintenance and care, just like any other machine with moving parts. Yet, there are many mistakes that home and business owners make that can damage their AC units, result in increased utility fees, or even ruin their AC systems. Here’s an overview of some costly mistakes to avoid with air conditioners that everyone should know–

Failing to Invest in Maintenance

Whether you’re investing your own time or hiring a pro, air conditioner maintenance is a key part of ensuring that your AC will last for years to come, and that it’s running efficiently today. You should change your air filters regularly, clean your system, and check coils and drains. 

Leaving Your Windows Open

If your air conditioner is on and running, close the windows! Leaving the windows open reduces your air conditioner’s ability to perform at maximum efficiency. If you absolutely have to open the windows, do so at night when the air is cooler. If you open the windows during the day when the temperatures are hot out, you’ll be directly undoing your air conditioner’s efforts to keep things cool.

Overusing Your AC

Sure, everyone likes a cool home when they get home from work, especially on an especially hot day. But by turning your air conditioner way down during the day when no one is home to enjoy all of that cool air, you’re not only wasting energy, but you’re subjecting your AC unit to more wear and tear than is necessary. The best way to benefit from cool temperatures and a unit’s longevity is to invest in a programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you can cue your AC unit to turn down the temperature right before you get home. 

Not Working with a Pro for AC Repairs

If you’re not trained in how air conditioners work, don’t try to do repairs at home when something goes wrong! Depending on the source of the process, attempting to repair your own AC unit could be dangerous and costly. In some cases, you may cause further damage, resulting in greater repair costs later on. If you’re not an expert, call one! You won’t regret it. 

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