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Aug 17 2021

Do UV Air Purifiers Really Work?

UV air purifiers are revolutionary products that can help you breathe easier. They’re perfect for business or congregate settings where many people from different households come together. UV air purifiers really do work, however, it’s important to select the right product, since not everything on the market is the same quality. Van Drunen is committed to helping our clients improve their indoor air quality, so we provide only the best UV air purifiers. Explore the benefits and learn more by getting in touch. 

Understanding How UV Air Purifiers Operate

Before selecting an air purifier, it’s important to have a general understanding of how they work, so you know what to look for. Most homes and businesses have HVAC systems that use filters to capture particles as air flows through the system. Air purifiers work similarly in that they take in the air and catch particles that are smaller than what we can see. However, they take the additional step of killing airborne bacteria and viruses using ultraviolet light, which prevents these particles from recirculating back into the air. 

Key Factors in a Quality Product

There are four main aspects to a UV air purifier that determine how effective it is at removing airborne pathogens:

  • Exposure Time. In order to adequately kill pathogens, they must be exposed to UV light for a certain amount of time. Usually, pathogens that are exposed for about half a second undergo sufficient damage so that they are inactivated. A quality UV air purifier draws in these particles and traps them close to the lamps for at least this duration. 
  • Intensity and Wavelength. Ideally, the wavelength of UV light should be 254 nanometers, as this is the optimal intensity at which pathogens are inactivated when they pass through the purifier.  
  • Proximity to the Light. Air particles need to pass closely to the light to maximize sanitation, so a quality UV air purifier is built to ensure the pathogens come into close contact with the UV light. 
  • Air Changes Per Hour. How often an air purifier exchanges air in the room per hour, which is referred to as the air changes per hour (ACH), is very important. The more often the device is able to exchange the air, the fresher it will be. 

With the Right UV Air Purifier, You Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

While no UV air purifier eliminates 100% of airborne diseases, they are overall very effective at reducing particles in the air. UV light is scientifically proven to inactivate many common viruses and bacteria, so installing one in your home or business can bring plenty of benefits that you’ll appreciate. These devices often go through testing under the EPA and FDA, meaning they must uphold their claims with the necessary certifications in tow. In fact, UV air purifiers are used in hospitals and other environments where diseases may quickly spread, making them a great choice for a number of situations. 

If you’d like to install a UV air purifier, call Van Drunen today to begin. 



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