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Jul 12 2023

How to Stay Cool if Your Air Conditioner is Broken

It’s no secret how brutal the summer heat can be and just how important a working air conditioning system is. During the hot months, a working air conditioner is not only important for comfort but also for your health. Exposure to high temperatures can lead to issues like heat rash and heat cramps. These illnesses are the beginning steps that can lead to much more serious concerns like heat exhaustion and heat stroke which can be deadly. Though these are certainly things to be aware of, don’t fret just yet. If your air conditioning unit goes out during the hot summer months there are a few helpful tips you can follow to keep you and your family cool as you contact a trusted HVAC company to repair your system.

Keep Your Windows Covered

One helpful way to keep more heat from entering your home is to cover up the windows in your home. In North America the windows facing west and south get the most sun so it can be especially helpful to gather any extra sheets or blankets to cover these windows. By keeping out the extra heat you can help keep your home cooler while you wait for the contractor to repair your AC system. 

Avoid Activities That Will Add More Heat

There are certain activities in the home that can add unnecessary heat. Avoid these to keep your indoor temperature from rising even more. Some things to consider are the extra heat from using the oven or stove.

Keep the House Closed Up

It’s important to try your best to keep the hot air out of your home and the cool air in. As long as the temperature outside is still hotter than inside, keep all your doors and windows closed. If you feel any drafts you can use towels to help improve the seal around these areas.

Use Ice

Ice can be used in a couple of ways to help keep you cool if your air conditioning system isn’t working properly. You can use ice from your freezer or purchase a large bag from the store. Place the ice in a bowl in front of a fan to help blow cool air throughout the home. You can also use ice packs or bags of ice to help cool your body down by placing them at your neck, wrists, and other areas. 

Get Out of the House

Lastly, if the heat in your home just becomes too much there are some local places you can go to during the day to keep cool. Local communities often have designated cooling areas that include public places like the library, community centers, senior centers, and more. Other local areas that will provide you some relief could be restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores.

Get Your AC Fixed!

If you are in need of maintenance or repairs for your AC system call the experts at Van Drunen Heating and Air. Our family owned business utilizes a local warehouse to store inventory and make repairs. This large space allows us to fix your air conditioning in a timely manner, getting you out of that unpleasant heat faster.



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