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Jul 10 2018

This Summer is Shaping Up to be One of the Hottest in Illinois

Summers here in South Holland are always hot and muggy. But according to the Farmer’s Almanac and Country Living, this summer is going to be extra hot. The midwest is set for a “warm to hot with near normal rainfall” summer, similar to other regions that will most likely face hotter than normal conditions. The Farmer’s Almanac is accurate between 80 and 85% of the time, and already correctly predicted that this winter would be colder and wetter than normal.

East St. Louis Reached 117 Degrees in 1954: Are We Headed for Another Heat Wave?

The hottest day recorded in Illinois occurred over half a century ago, back in 1954, according to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Throughout June and July, residents of East St. Louis and all throughout Illinois and the midwest had suffered through day after day of 100 degree heat. On July 14, the thermostat hitm 117 degrees in St. Louis, the hottest yet. Because virtually no one had air conditioning back in the 1950s, hundreds of people had been dying throughout the early summer. By mid July alone, more than 300 people had died in the area due to the prolonged heat wave. The last week of 100-degree days finally ended in September, with hundreds of more lives claimed.

Illinois Residents Took Shelter in Basements and Even Outside to Escape the Late Afternoon Heat of their Homes

People all throughout the midwest took refuge from the heat by getting out of their homes and apartment buildings, which were not only without air conditioners, but not designed like modern structures are today, with thick insulation and double-paned windows. According to one resident of St. Louis at the time, “We were just cooked. If they could find someplace, a basement, a cellar at a relative’s house, they would go there.” On July 14 when it reached 117 degrees, “You absolutely couldn’t stand to be inside. It was actually cooler out on the sidewalk,” she said. This type of prolonged heatwave, which lasted all summer long with back-to-back days of 100 degrees or more, is extremely rare. Even though just about every passing year now tends to be the hottest average global temperature recorded, a heat wave like the one Illinois residents faced back in 1954 is not expected.

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