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Feb 19 2019

Today is a Good Day for an Air Conditioner Check-Up

The days are getting longer, and soon it will be springtime. We have been teased with a few warmer days and are now getting excited about permanent higher temperatures. One of the days it was mild enough to open the windows and let the stuffy air out of the house. Before long, all of the home and business owners in Northwest Indiana and Chicago’s south suburbs will be relying on their air conditioner to stay cool and comfortable.  

Spring is the ideal time to schedule your annual air conditioner checkup or maintenance appointment. Many homeowners who let the annual maintenance slide may find themselves paying lots of money in summer to pay the cooling bill and the AC repair bill. Don’t fall into that category. Contact your preferred HVAC company today. We have helped thousands of homeowners with their air conditioner needs. Make an appointment with us at Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning today.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

When you decide that your air conditioning system needs maintenance, you are taking care of your investment. We know that appliances do not last forever, but when you take care of them, they do last longer without too many repair calls. Here are a few ways you can save by calling now for an air conditioning maintenance:

Increase efficiency. An air conditioning maintenance call includes cleaning, testing and adjusting the entire system to perform at peak efficiency. Maximizing your system’s efficiency will keep your utility bill manageable and will keep your home cool.
Reduce emergency service calls. When you call for air conditioning maintenance, if there is an issue, your technician will find it now instead of later. Any air conditioning issues will be caught early and will be fixed before the heat of the summer is sizzling outside.
Keep your air conditioner finely tuned. When you do not take advantage of having your air conditioning system looked at annually, the lack of maintenance can take its toll. However, if you maintain your system annually, you stand a good chance of allowing your unit last longer than average.
Plan for an air conditioner replacement. We know that one day your air conditioner will eventually conk out, but when you schedule your air conditioner maintenance every year, you and your HVAC professionals can discuss when it may be time to replace the entire air conditioning system. You can plan for it and save and take advantage of sales.

Contact Us at Van Drunen Heating and Air Conditioning Today

Contact us at Van Drunen Heating and Air Conditioning for your air conditioning maintenance. We have worked on hundreds of air conditioning systems in Northwest Indiana and Chicago’s south suburbs during our half-century in the HVAC business. Call us at 708-339-6444, or send us a message using the online form on our website. We will contact you soon after we get your message.



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