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Jun 18 2023

How to Control Humidity in Your Home

When we think of indoor air quality in our homes, we often think of things like dust, allergens, mold, and other pollutants, but did you know the humidity of your home is just as important for air quality? High humidity in your home can cause a variety of problems not just for the house but also for any resident’s health. High humidity means there is more moisture in the air. This can lead to mold growth, wood rot, and trapped moisture beneath your floor, especially if you have carpets. When it comes to your health, high humidity can cause low energy, fatigue, increased risk for respiratory infections, and more. Low levels of humidity in the home can lead to nosebleeds, excessively chapped lips, increased allergies, and more. Research suggests the optimal level of humidity shouldn’t exceed 50% or go below 30%. To learn how to help control the humidity levels in your home, read the helpful tips below.

Tips to Control Your Home’s Moisture

There are a few helpful ways you can try to limit moisture in your home and keep your humidity safe and comfortable levels:

  • Check for leaks- check your home for any leaks. If you find any, be sure to fix them to avoid excess moisture seeping into your home. You will want to check specifically for leaks that may be coming from outdoor landscaping or plumbing inside the home.
  • Vent fans- rooms like the bathroom and kitchen often collect extra moisture. Make sure you are using vent fans in working condition to help remove the excess moisture in the air.
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers– these systems work by adding or removing moisture from the air and can be particularly helpful in different seasons.

Signs Your Humidity May Be Too High or Too Low

Keep an eye out for these signs that your indoor humidity is not within the optimal range of 30-50%.

  • Moist air
  • Fogged up windows
  • Wood that’s rotting
  • A mildew smell
  • An increase in allergy issues
  • Peeling paint and discoloration
  • Dry cracking wood
  • Nose bleeds
  • Chapped lips

If you notice any of these signs, it is a good idea to give the professionals a call.

Call the Experts

The experts at Van Drunen Heating and Air have been in the business for over 50 years. We are a family-run business that believes in putting our customers first and offering top-quality work at a reasonable and affordable price. If you are looking to improve your indoor air quality and manage your indoor humidity, give our experts a call! We can help you determine what is best for your home and complete the entire process for you, including installations, maintenance, repairs, product suggestions and more.



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