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May 28 2023

Ways to Save Energy & Reduce Your Costs This Summer

Summer is just off the horizon and that means high heat and soaring utility costs. 2023 is predicted to bring some oppressive weather to many areas of the country and though Illinois is specifically mentioned as an area that may not see these scorching temps, that doesn’t mean it won’t still be uncomfortably hot. Even moderate heat throughout the summer can still be enough to have homeowners cranking up their air conditioning. During peak summer and winter seasons, it’s almost unavoidable to have higher monthly utility costs with how much your HVAC unit gets used. Here at Van Drunen we know how important every dollar is so we have compiled a list of some helpful tips to save energy and help reduce your costs this summer.

  1. Make Sure to Unplug- every plugged-in device in your home generates a small amount of heat. It’s not much when you look at each individual item, but altogether it can add unwanted warmth to your home. Not only does this help reduce heat but it also can help save some money on your electric bill allowing for more wiggle room to run your AC.
  2. Stay Away From the Oven- Fortunately, oven-made meals don’t often fit for summer anyways. Staying away from this appliance can greatly reduce the temperature in your home. When in use, the oven often ups the temperature by up to five degrees.
  3. Check Your Homes Seals- if your home doesn’t have proper sealing around doors, windows, and other areas it can be letting a lot of hot air in and cool air out, making your AC unit work even harder, which isn’t good for your system or your wallet.
  4. Keep It Dark- you may miss some natural light but keeping all your blinds and curtains closed will help keep your home cooler during the warm summer months and take some of the strain off of your AC system.
  5. Stay Up On Your AC Maintenance- staying up on your AC maintenance is always recommended but especially coming up on the summer months. You don’t want your system to die on you and regular maintenance will make sure it’s running at its most efficient, saving you money.
  6. Check Your Filters- replacing dirty air filters greatly increases your HVAC systems operations allowing it to more effectively cool your home. If you use your AC often or have pets, it’s a good idea to check your filter frequently, once every month or so.

Call The Professionals

Summer heat doesn’t have to break the bank. Call us today at Van Drunen Heating and Air to see how we can help you get prepared with proper maintenance, clean air filters, energy-efficient thermostats, and more!



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