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Mar 15 2022

Why is My Furnace Blowing Out Cold Air?

Your HVAC system is out of sight and out of mind – until it is not working properly! When it is the middle of winter and the colder months, it is always a surprise when there is cold air coming out of your vents and not warm. There can be a variety of reasons why your furnace is blowing out cold air and we take a look at them here. 

  1. Check your thermostat: Before you panic about the cool air, make sure that your thermostat is set at the correct temperature. Maybe your spouse or child has clicked the temperature down or possibly the automatic settings got messed up if you utilize this feature.
  2. Getting into gear: Did you happen to walk by a vent when your furnace is still warming up or heating up? Your furnace can take a minute to get going and warm up the air that is being blown out of your system.
  3. Dirty filter: A clogged air filter in your HVAC system can block airflow and prompt your system to shut down as part of safety measures. Take a look at your filter and see if it is time for a new one. Get yourself on a maintenance plan to regularly change the filter, so you can avoid any issues in the future.
  4. Ductwork leaks: If you are losing warm air to areas that have a breach, your home will feel cooler overall. This could be the issue if you do feel that the air is lukewarm coming out of vents throughout your home. A professional can help determine if this is the problem.
  5. Mechanical problems: There are many components that are part of your furnace. Issues with an ignition or flame sensor can trigger your furnace to blow out cold air instead of warm. For instance a dirty or old flame sensor can prompt the burner to shut off or an electronic ignition may need to be adjusted. These types of issues should be addressed by an expert who understands the industry and can make any repairs safely.

Get Help With Your Furnace Today

At Van Drunen Heating & Air Conditioning, our team understands the frustration and stress of a cold home. It really can disrupt your life and affect your comfort level. We can assist with a variety of furnace services, including repairs, maintenance and installation of a new unit. Our team will have the tools and parts on-hand to work on your furnace issues. If your furnace is too old or too expensive to fix, we can discuss the energy-efficient units that are available today for your home. We can discuss with you what is best for your home, space, needs and budget. We will discuss your options thoroughly before we begin any work at your home. Contact us through our online contact form for help with your furnace issues today.



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