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Mar 2 2022

Air Purifiers: How UV Light Can Keep Your Air Clean

Our home’s indoor air quality can have an impact on how comfortable we are in our homes every day. Not only can mold, mildew, dust and other allergens affect allergy and asthma sufferers, but also airborne bacteria and viruses can cause us to get sick. With more concerns surrounding the latest viruses, indoor air quality continues to be top of mind.

Air purifiers continue to be a popular option to help clean your home’s air for better breathing all year long. In general, air purifiers can work in conjunction with your HVAC system’s filters as they can sanitize the air in your home. Filters work to trap pollutants, particles and allergens, which is also helpful. With a quality filter and air purifier working together, you can have the highest quality of air possible. Make sure that you change your filters regularly with a fresh one to ensure not only that your air is at its best quality, but also to allow for your HVAC system to perform well. While this can fall off your radar, it is an important component of homeownership, and it is worth plugging the date into your phone or writing it on your calendar as a reminder.

UV Light Works as a Cleaning Agent

Specifically, UV light adds another layer of assistance when scrubbing your air clean. UV light strives to remove microorganisms that float around and not seen by the naked eye. UV rays are a more advanced avenue to combat viruses and allergens that are in your home. They can cover a larger area and use a shorter wavelength than violet light to target only the microbial contaminants in your air and keep you and your family safe. UV light is seen as a chemical-free way to tackle and sterilize all of the unseen stuff that you do not want in your home and that can bother those with allergies or asthma. The light is safe for the ozone and targets only the microbial contaminants that are around the system. 

Also, remember that there are steps that you can take to help with your air quality. Your soft surfaces, including furniture and carpets, can trap particles that affect your air. Vacuum and clean these areas often and sweep your hard-surface floors as well. Pets should be bathed regularly to cut down on pet dander and fur. Bedding can also trap lots of allergens, so wash your sheets, blankets and comforters in hot water once a week.

Our Offerings For Clean Air

At Van Drunen Heating, we can assist you with a whole-home air purification system that covers the air in your entire house. A quality HEPA filtration system can work in conjunction with your air purifier to scrub your air even more. If you are ready to discuss your air quality options, contact us through our online contact form.



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